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Envirograf Intumescent Fireproof Paint for Steel Beams & Columns - 1 Litre
  • Water Based Intumescent For Steel & Aluminium
  • Provides Up To 90 minutes Fire Protection
  • Ideal For Both Internal & External Structural Steel & Aluminium
  • Quick Drying - Easy To Apply
  • Full Certification Available From paints4trade
Envirograf Silicone Sealant Heat Proof Only Stove High Temperature 1250c Black
  • 4 hour fire protection
  • This product can be used on heating stoves, but IT MUST NOT BE USED NEAR NAKED FLAMES OR HOT GASES, as this can cause the silicone to have a VERY SMALL BLUE FLAME and the silicone can turn to powder.
  • Tested to BS476 part 22 (1987) Tested at Fulmer Yarsley J84201/6 Tested at TRADA TFE95023 & RF 95002
Envirograf Stove Seal Fire Proof High Temperature Sealant 1250c-2282F Black
  • A ready-mixed, ready to use, finely ground putty substance which remains flexible until cured.
  • Tested to 1250 Degrees Celsius which is well in access of any domestic applications
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